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Benzino Vs Eminem

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Benzino Vs Eminem

Timeline of Benzino/Eminem beef

Summer(Aug) 2002 - Eminem was out in Puerto Rico for the Mixtape Summit and for the promotion of his Movie 8 mile. He did a performance and after backstage Benzino tried to go over and talk to him. Eminem blew him off and said he didn't wanna talk to him because he was mad about his album not getting a 5 mic in Benzino's magazine The Source. Eminem later on does a interview and he's asked about what he thought about his album The Eminem Show being praised with a 4 mic rating(which it deserved). He began to diss The Source and even saying that they will never give him a 5 mic rating in their magazine. Blames this on Benzino

(Sept) 2002 - Benzino is in the studio of Hot97 in New York talking about the double standard in hip hop. And talks about how Eminem acted out in Puerto Rico. Then everybody in his crew begins to freestyle. During his freestyle he dissed Eminem at the end in like 2 bars over the Nas - Made You Look beat.

Late(Sept) 2002 - While 50 Cent was a Guest DJ at Hot97 Eminem called in to promote 8 Mile as well as his new artist 50 Cent. During the Interview he disses Benzino calling him "Hasbenzino" and told them to play his record. And that they might have to dig in the trash to get it! Later that same night Benzino went to the studio and recorded a early version of the song "Pull your skirt up" Word about Benzino being heated with Eminem for dissing him on the radio comes out. Eminem has his manager and record exec's calling Benzino to squash the beef. Benzino releases the song a week or two later.

Nov 2002 Eminem waits over a month and a half after "Pull Your Skirt up" came out and releases a entire Mixtape(The Invasion) dissing Benzino and The SOURCE. The mixtape had 4 diss tracks to Benzino("The Realest Label", "The Sauce", "Nail in the coffin" and Obie's "Welcome to Detriot City". Also Eminem says that he hasn't had his people call Benzino to squash the beef. The same month Benzino apears on BET's Rap City: Tha Bassment with Tigger to promote his new album Redemption. And talks about his beef with Eminem.

2 Weeks later after Eminem's Mixtape, Benzino releases "Die Another Day". At the begining of the song he plays a recording of Paul Rosenberg(Eminem Manager) calling to squash the beef and saying "at the most I just hope we can keep this on records". Proving that Eminem was LYING!!!!

1 Week later Eminem does a interview on Hot97 with Angie dissing Benzino. Prior Benzino's lead single had been on Hot97 top 20 Heavy Rotation. After that interview Benzino's Song "Rock The Party" is mysteriously taken off their Rotation despite being on BET's Rotation from Oct - Late Feb(2003). And being played in heavy rotation in clubs. Speculation's of Eminem threatening and even paying radio stations to not play Benzino.

1 Week later Benzino releases Die Another Day Mixtape featuring all the disses he recorded including new song "Better Lose Yourself". Later that week he calls in Hot97 to do a interview with Angie. He yells at her for not staying neutral in the interview. And for letting Eminem continuosly degrade Benzino.

Dec 2002 Benzino gets hate from Eminem fans. All radio stations with relations to Eminem drop Benzino songs.

Jan 2003 The Source releases their Feb. Issue dissing Eminem. Next week Benzino's Redemption album is released. His album is flooded with unjust overly negative album reviews. Websites and magazines that stayed BIAS give Benzino's Redemption a good album review; the average review was a 7 out of 10.

Feb 2003 Eminem releases the Benzino diss song "Go To Sleep". Later that month XXL Magazine(run by a editor who is a former disgruntled employee of The SOURCE and who had been dissing The SOURCE in his magazine for years before the Eminem beef) features Eminem, 50 Cent and Dre on the cover. Oddly enough Eminem had been banned from XXL prior to this issue for almost 2 years after dissing them(XXL) in his song "Marshall Mathers". In this issue he disses Benzino and The SOURCE. Later that month In interviews 50 Cent starts dissing Benzino. Years earlier before 50 Cent was famous he was recording at the Hit Factory, when Ja Rule and Murder Inc came into the studio to record their own music. They heard 50 was there(50 had been dissing Ja Rule and making threats in his music) and rushed in his studio session and fucked him up. Even stabbed him. He ran out the studio and up the street to SONY studio where Made Men were recording. Benzino helped 50 out and got him to a hospital.

March 2003 Eminem releases "We all die someday" dissing Benzino and The SOURCE.

April 2003 Eminem releases the Mixtape Invasion 2 dissing Benzino in 4 songs("Conspiracy", "Doe Ray Me", "Keep Talkin" and "Wrong".

April/May 2003 Benzino releases "Fallin' Down" dissing 50 Cent for the first time as well as Eminem. He says he's mad that 50 Cent would jump into the beef that had nothing to do with him and take Eminem's side over his when he knew him longer and helped him out when he was stabbed.

June 2003 At Hot97's Summerjam Eminem disses Benzino and The SOURCE breaking his Source award(voted to him by the fans!) on stage.

July 2003 50 Cent is on the cover of XXL's (Aug) issue. This issue disses everyone that Shady Records has beef with. 50 disses Benzino and even has a picture dissing him and his 9 year old son. Weeks before this issue came out, Benzino found out what XXL was gonna print. He and his entourage stormed XXL's office and physically Assaulted their editor "yellow nigga" Elliot. After Benzino goes to New York Radio Stations and talks about XXL's attack on him and the SOURCE. XXL owner apologizes and vows to cut back on the personal attacks on The SOURCE and Benzino.

Aug 2003 Benzino releases G-Unit Killaz ft. Murder Inc and Untouchables dissing 50 Cent and Eminem.

Sept 2003 Former friends of Eminem come to NY to the Source's Time Square offices and drop off previous Eminem Recordings. Saying this is the real Eminem.

Nov 2003 After verifying that the tapes are real and contacting other former friends, associates and the people Eminem recorded the tapes with, The Source holds a press conference and lets the media hear the tapes. Two Racist Freestyles/Songs that Eminem recorded when he was 21 calling blacks "Niggers" and degrading black women calling black women bitches, sluts, gold diggers and saying that white women are better.

1                             My thoughts

  It is obvious that em would destroy zno in a lyrical battle but zno would destroy em physically em has no street cred he is a bitch he is from the outskirts of detroit and he does not know who he is messing with in benzino he's scared of zno he has a shit load of security so no one will hurt him he can never step foot in boston again and he never does any tours anymore because he is scared


winning the beef: Benzino


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